Workout Wednesday – Walking!


Walking – It’s Free!!!

It’s Summertime!  A great time to get out there and get moving.  You don’t have to run marathons, just put on a pair of sneakers and start walking!  No equipment needed.  I like to put my music on and go.  I call it “me time”!  I prefer to walk alone, music in my ears, taking in the scenery.  It clears my head!  Others prefer to walk in groups while they “shmooze and catch-up” as they walk.  It’s very social!  It’s a great stress release!

I found this on the web from “Walk Boston” depicting the benefits of walking only 30 minutes a day!




Haven’t exercised in a while?  Start slow.  Perhaps just walk to your mailbox or to the corner of your block and back. Keep doing that and add a little more every day.  It’s amazing how great you’ll feel when you’ve accomplished even the tiniest milestone.  Always ask your doctor or physician permission before you start any form of exercise program. 

Here’s another great little poster I found outlining the Benefits of Walking:



Make sure you drink plenty of water as you walk.  Stay hydrated.  I always carry a water bottle with me.  You can even carry an apple with you, or banana, or some raw nuts in case you feel you need to nourish yourself on your walk.  I wear a really attractive (kidding) fanny pack.  I don’t care what I look like.  I’d rather be prepared for hunger pangs on my walks then not have anything at all.  Find a nice spot, take a seat and enjoy your lite snack if you need to.

Always wear sun screen and always wear a hat!  Even if it’s not sunny out – you should always be covered.  I carry my cell phone on my walks.  It’s used for emergencies, to listen to my music and to take photo’s of sights I see along the way. I also carry a couple of bucks or a credit card just in case.

If you’re not an outdoorsy person, become a Mall Walker!  Just get moving!

As Hippocrates once said:

Walking Is The Best Medicine

So get out there and start walking!  But most importantly . . .






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