Workout Monday – Work Off the Weekend Blues!!!!!

Click on this link Lauren Fitz Parabaran – crank the volume up and start dancing!!!!!

It’s Monday!!!!!

Not feeling great this Monday morning?  Overindulged over the weekend?  Just need a little boost to get you going?  Try dancing!  Dancing is a great way to burn off calories!  My favorite way to sweat my calories off is Zumba (mixed with a little Hip Hop).

calm zumba

I am fortunate enough to have excellent Zumba classes at my YMCA.  I find the “Y” to be family oriented and affordable. I  have wonderful instructors who’s routines are heart-pounding and fun!  However, there are times that you can not make it to a gym or simply can not afford the costs associated with a gym and for that I say – “Hallelujah for Lauren Fitz”!  (Click on the Parabaran link above to dance with Lauren)!

Lauren has a YouTube Channel and she actually tells you to USE her routines.  She videos  a ton of wonderful routines and does not charge a dime for her time and effort. Lauren works full time and claims this is a labor of love.  No time to go to the gym?  Just go on YouTube and search her channel for a choreography(ies) that is at your level and that you may enjoy.  Put a couple together and do a full class in the comfort of your home.  She has routines that can be used for warm-ups and cool-downs and everything else for in-between.

I do believe that Sweating is part of the equation of getting healthy.  It’ detoxes your system eliminating toxins from your body and helps burn calories quickly.  I have always tried to include some sort of “sweating” in my quest to wellness.  Find your passion in Sweating whatever it may be.  It may be walking, biking, swimming, yoga, cross fit, aqua aerobics, chair aerobics, hiking, judo, dance, rock climbing, gardening, mowing the lawn, etc.  Stick with something you love so you don’t get bored.  Switch it up every now and then and try new things.  Start slow and build gradually – DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED and ALWAYS STAY HYDRATED!!!!

This is Me!!!!

Whatever you choose to  do . . . . .



**Always consult with your doctor before starting any workout routine!

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