Thinking Outside The Box!!! Lunch and Snack for a Monday Funday!

Monday Morning !

5:30 a.m. and I’m in a panic!  I have NO lettuce or any green leafy veggies for my lunch salad.  I decide I have a plan.  I’ll make the salad as usual and then at lunch, I’m going to stop at the store and pick up the leafy greens I need and then mix them together at the office!  No problem — SOLVED!  But then I thought, “that’s really dumb!  Why not just use what I’ve got on hand?”  So I decided to make a very crunchy salad  using shredded cabbage as my base.  Normally, I don’t use salad dressing but thought that the cabbage may be too hard to digest . . . especially with all the other crunchy goodness I used in this salad.  So I made an Apple Cider Vinaigrette to go with it.  That recipe is below.

Here’s what I put in my Kitchen Sink Salad  (I just used items I had in my fridge)

About a cup hand-shredded green cabbage (I just use a knife and slice very thinly)

About 3/4 cup hand-shredded purple cabbage (one of my favorites!!)

About a cup of Arugula

Couple of  Basil leaves torn

Cut up Red Peppers (to taste)

Cut up Yellow Peppers (to taste)

Diced Cucumbers

Handful of Cherry Tomatoes

Button Mushrooms

2 large Radishes sliced

About 8 Snow Peas

Put all ingredients in a bowl and toss either with salad dressing or without.


Apple Cider Vinaigrette

3 Tbsp Olive Oil cold pressed

2 Tsp. Apple Cider Vinegar

Dash of  Sea Salt

Dash of Fresh Ground Pepper

A couple of shakes of garlic powder

I put the ingredients in a small jar and shake. Then I stick the closed jar in a baggy and stick in my lunch bag.  The baggy prevents any leakage from getting over everything.


Midday Snack

Fresh Figs with Peaches
Fresh Figs with Peaches

How simple is this????  Two ingredients in my house . . . peaches and fresh figs!  This is the first time I’ve ever had a fresh fig and wasn’t sure how to “use” them.  I’ve used dried figs before, but never fresh.  I bought the peach and the figs for a recipe from Fully RAW Kristina, but the peach was getting over-ripe so I figured I’d better use them up fast!  So sliced peaches and figs were born and brought to work as my snack.

So from panic to solution in one easy deep breathe!  Use what you have.  Use what you like.  Use the quantity you prefer.  There are no rules.  Missing an ingredient?  Substitute or just leave out.  Don’t over complicate things.  Keep it Simple!!!!  No muss, no fuss!  And whatever you decide and however you decide to make something – just keep in mind . . .





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