Peace and Serenity

I find my Peace on Military and Clint Moore

That heading should not make sense to the masses,  but it’s a crossroad, or should I say intersection, where most mornings I find my peace and serenity!

I’ve always been a sucker for blue skies, white clouds and green trees!!  I think it started at age 2 when an Aunt of mine explained that my dear departed Uncle was up above looking down on us.  I didn’t understand, so she took me outside, pointed up to the sunny sky and said, “there he is”, pointing to a cloud!  That was the first time that I actually saw the beauty in the sky.  From then on – the sky intrigued me!  I’d try to make shapes out the clouds.  The best clouds are the ones that looked like fluff,  whipped cream, the cream center of an Oreo cookie or heart-shaped!  heart shapped clouds

As I continue to look up to the sky, whether for guidance, calmness, serenity or just to to find Superman – I realize that almost immediately, all the tension leaves my body.  My breathing slows down, a sense of calm takes over.  It’s an overwhelming phenomenon to me.    It keeps me healthy – internally and externally!   I can’t tell you how many times I’m driving in the car with my family and have to point out to them THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SKY EVER“!


So back to my heading . . .

At this particular intersection, I am always fortunate enough to “miss the green light” and have to wait.   It gives me a view of the most remarkable sunrises – even if it’s cloudy and overcast!!  But it gives me 3 minutes to look at the sky and drink it all in.  It’s zen to me.   It slows me up in an already fast paced weekday morning!

It’s a known fact that stress is bad for you.  How many times have you heard that if you’re stressed, you should either meditate, try yoga, listen to calming music, find your “happy place”, take a relaxing bath or even dance the stress away?   It’s imperative that you take time for yourself, even if it’s just 3 minutes at a red light, and learn how to heal yourself from the daily strife of everyday life!!

I find my peace and serenity at an intersection!!!  Where do you find yours??





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