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Cookbooks . . . Take Me Away!

I am someone who loves reading cookbooks just as someone would read a novel.  I love them.  I love what they represent to me — a warm hearth, a hearty meal made with love served with pride, a family get together, laughter, full belly goodness, satiation and love.  As someone who basically learned to cook in her late 40’s and then learned to “uncook” in her middle 50’s – I’ve amassed many cookbooks that I simply “read” — not applied!!!!

My problem is, I LOVE to read cookbooks, but don’t love to USE cookbooks.  I’m not one of those people with a “cookbook stand”, so it was always hard for me to keep the book open to the recipe I was using.  I was constantly back and forth — running to the cookbook, running to the work space and worse then that — always dropping ingredients and staining the pages of the cookbook.  I look at those little ruined pages as my war story and really don’t mind them.  It proves that I was using that particular recipe and hopefully had success with it.   So this is what I do now . . .

I keep my laptop on the desk in the kitchen that we have.  If you think I LOVE cookbooks, well you should see how many cooking websites I’m signed up for as well!  Once again — I love reading other people’s blogs about cooking/uncooking, love watching their videos and I truly LOVE sharing those recipes with everyone I know!  That’s one reason I started blogging myself.  So many people ask me for recipes and this way I can just forward them the link!

Here are a couple of websites that I’m so thrilled with these days and I’ll tell you why.  They both work the same way, but yet each one is somewhat different.

The first website is called Yummly.  Yummly is the Pinterest of recipes.  It is so simple to use.  And what I love about this website is that you can list the ingredients you want to use or the diet you follow (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.).  You can save your favorite recipes to a recipe file making it easy for you to find in the future.  And just like Pinterest, you will receive emails from them with recipes you may like.

The second website I truly like as well is called Feastie.  Again, it works almost like Pinterest and is easy to navigate.  You can look for a certain ingredient that you have and don’t know how to use, or you can look up “Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes” and be surprised how many recipes pop up.  Every Friday, you will find new ideas/recipes/suggestions from Feastie in your inbox!!!

When I started living a healthier lifestyle, I was stuck.  Finding information was harder then than it is now.  That’s why when people ask me for suggestions, I love sharing books and websites with them.  So these are two that I’m using as we speak.  And these are two that I’m actually “reading” on this Sunday morning, looking for holiday ideas or everyday lunch ideas!  It relaxes me and I enjoy every moment of  escaping in these recipes.

In the near future, I will also share with you other websites that have helped me with my journey of health and wellness.  There are so many great Raw Chefs out there (or vegan, vegetarian and allergy-free) and their websites or videos are worth a visit.  But for now — I think these two websites are a great place to begin.

Stuck for a recipe idea – check them out — venture into new territory — try your hand at something new, but most important . . . . just . . .




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