My Love/Hate Affair with Caffeine


But caffeine does not love me!!  That makes me sad.  I love everything about the “stimulant drug“.   I love the way it makes me feel.  How I feel awake, energized, intelligent, clear-headed, hopeful, and euphoric after drinking caffeine.  I love how a can of Coke helps my migraines should I get one and the associated nausea that goes with it.  I LOVE the smell of fresh brewed coffee.  It’s inviting and invigorating – like a spider dragging me into it’s web!!!   Oh – and chocolate — that sweet, velvety, melt in your mouth and on your fingers deliciousness.  Chocolate is not the caffeine in question today because I will eat chocolate; coffee and tea – which I’ve re-introduced into my body again, I fear I MUST break up with!!!  But have no fear!  I have great substitutes for coffee.

But first, let me digress.  I have given coffee up many times in my past.  Most recently, when I went RAW – I gave up coffee and switched to Green Tea.  I found that it gave me that “kick” I needed, but not to an extreme.  It does it’s job of waking me up in the morning and refreshing me mid-day when I need a pick me up.  But I’m seeing those signs again that I see when I consume too much caffeine and I know this love affair  must end!

boo hoo

Don’t cry baby.  It will be fine!!!!   I have recommendations for switching to non-caffeinated beverages.  HOWEVER, I don’t like drinking “decaffeinated”  beverages because I do not like the process of decaffeinating the caffeine.  Chemicals are mostly involved in the process so I prefer not to drink any at all.  So that’s not an option for me.

When eliminating caffeine from your diet, I would suggest  DO NOT GO COLD TURKEY!    Cut down day by day the amount of caffeine you drink so you don’t go through total withdrawal.  Also, check some of your meds that you may be taking.  They can contain caffeine as well.  It”s not fun giving up caffeine but it is doable.

When I decided to give up caffeine, I ran out and bought two coffee substitutes.  The first one is Pero.  Pero is a delicious coffee substitute.   This coffee alternative contains four simple ingredients: malted barley, barley, chicory and rye.  Below are the benefits of this beverage.

Pero Ingredients

The second Coffee Substitute I found  is called Teeccino!  Teeccino also comes in a variety of flavors just like coffee.  i.e. Hazelnut, French Vanilla, etc.  Below you can read about the ingredients and benefits of Teeccino.

teeccino ingredients

Both  these coffee substitutes are simple to make.  Add hot water and stir.  Teeccino you can add hot water and steep.

Giving up caffeine is hard, but NOT impossible.  It can be uncomfortable for a little while but well worth it at the end.  Start slow — eliminate caffeine bit by bit to help the process along.  If you, like I, feel the need to give up caffeinated beverages, then I can wholeheartedly recommend both Pero Brand Coffee Substitute and Teeccino Brand Coffee Substitute.

Keep a stiff upper lip (or else your coffee substitutes will spill right out), experiment with flavors, creamers, sweeteners that you would normally add to regular coffee and . . .




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