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2013 has been quite a wild year for me!  I’ve been absent for a little while now and really missed blogging and sharing hints, tips and recipes with you.  It seems that not only do I love my Blog but so do a handful of spammers  (hence the can above) and hackers who managed to hack into my website and Facebook page and send out posts on subjects that, well, are not related to living a healthy lifestyle.   After tearing my hair out for about 6 weeks and continually hitting dead ends in the help department,  it turns out that help was a hiccup away . . . apparently, the company that shares office space in my building are Web Designers!  Thank you so much Shae from Top Pro Media Group for finding those hackers and eliminating them, hopefully, FOREVER!!!


So — back to blogging for me!  Ready, set, go . . . . . . . . .

When you live a RAW lifestyle – you find that you truly start appreciating the flavors of real, whole foods without any additional seasonings, oils, marinades, salad dressings, etc.  For years, I have eaten my salads without any type of salad dressing (and this is even before I lived a RAW Life).  I have always enjoyed the flavors of fresh vegetables and fruits.  I love how I can differentiate the subtle flavors between a red pepper (sweet) and a green pepper (a little more spicy and woodsy) or the peppery flavor of arugula, the crunch and coolness of romaine lettuce, the different note-subtleties between grape tomatoes and beefsteak tomatoes.   I usually eat my salads dry and take in the variety of flavors going on in my dish.  If I want a little spice variety, I may add green or kalamata olives.

However, that said —  what I LOVE about living the RAW Lifestyle are the healthy and nutritious marinades I make for  vegetables that are so delicious, nutritious and RAW.   I call these marinated vegetables my “salad toppers“.  When used on your salad as opposed to a main dish (which they can all be), they’re actually performing double-duty.  The first one is, of course, as your salad topper – adding different texture and flavor to your salad, and the second one is as a salad dressing.  The marinades from these salad toppers drip and coat the other vegetables in the salad as a salad dressing would.  Toss it all together and enjoy and don’t feel guilty at all . . . it’s all healthy and “good for you” goodness.

One of my FAVORITE all time salad toppers is a recipe from Judita Wignall.   Judita created a wonderful recipe for Broccoli and Mushrooms with Wild rice.   I just use the first 7 ingredients for the broccoli part only.  It takes 20 minutes in the fridge to marinate.  I make it first thing in the morning and 1/2 hour later, it’s ready to be part of the salad that I make to take to work for lunch!  Simple.

Here’s the recipe for the broccoli.  If you want the entire, fantastic recipe for Broccoli and Mushrooms and Wild-rice, please feel free to buy Judita’s book!  I recommend buying this book.


Judita Wignalls Broccoli, Mushroom and Wild-Rce


(I use the actual photo from Judita’s book because if you know me and follow my blog or my FB page, you’ve heard me complain about the fact that I don’t have a good camera or a Smart Phone with a good camera, so most of my photo attempts at my finished dishes come out quite blurry and faded).

Marinate Broccoli (per Judita Wignall’s recipe)

1/2 cup Olive Oil

1/2 cup Balsamic Vinegar

2 Tbsp Agave (or raw honey or whatever sweetness you prefer)

2 cloves garlic, minced

1/4 tsp sea salt (Judita’s recipe is actually for 1 1/2 tsp sea salt, but we don’t use a lot of salt in our family so I cut it down)

1 tsp ground pepper

6 cups broccoli florets (I use the florets and the trees!  I peel the trees and cut them into slices.  They are so sweet!)

Whisk together all the ingredients and pour over broccoli in a plastic zip lock (or any dish you like to marinate it).  I put it in the fridge and turn it a couple of times to completely coat all the veggies.  The longer the broccoli marinates, the more you will get a “cooked” version of raw broccoli!

So now, it seems that I have “four (4) favorite salad toppers!!  Try making one salad topper, try making all 4!  Or eat them as a main meal!  Whatever you do, just





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