Homemade “RAWISH” Ginger Ale

“RAWISH” – Isn’t That A Contradiction in my Raw Journey??!!!

I say “Rawish” because I use a honey simple syrup in this recipe. Simple syrup is usually simmered on the stove. I use RAW honey instead of sugar, which is usually the way simple syrup is made.

One of my favorite RAW Honey
One of my favorite RAW Honey

I don’t use white sugar in my recipes.  I made my simple honey syrup by combining 3/4 cup honey with 3/4 cup filtered water and simmered it till it was combined.  I didn’t want to boil it because then it would really be considered “cooked” (in my mind any way).

Most home-made ginger ale recipes call for combining ginger with water, bring to a boil and reduce to a syrup.  But NO – I don’t do that.  I actually JUICE my ginger!!!  Juicing ginger does not produce that much juice so I would say I used a decent amount (next time I’ll measure) of fresh ginger that yielded about 1/2 cup worth of ginger juice.

I then combined the ginger juice with the honey simple syrup.  This is what it looked like!

ginger honey syrup
Ginger Honey Syrup

 T0 make a delicious glass of Homemade “Rawish” Ginger Ale:

Combine over ice:

2-3 Tablespoons Ginger Honey Syrup (add or reduce to taste.  Raw ginger can be very strong!)

8-10 ounces Seltzer or Sparkling Water

Add mint, lemon, lime or orange to garnish


Homemade RAWISH Ginger Ale
Homemade RAWISH Ginger Ale



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