Freezing Fruit – It’s Not As Hard As You Think

Freezing Fruit – It’s Not As Hard As You Think

frozen bluberriesFreezing Your Own Fruit

I LOVE frozen fruit and have paid many a pretty penny to buy them.  I recommend them to everyone to make smoothies (and/or acai bowls).  If “buying” frozen fruit,  I always recommend that you read the list of ingredients  to make sure that the only thing listed on the bag are “fruits”.  No added chemicals, no citric acid to add to shelf life.  Strictly fruits!  I use frozen fruits as my “ice cubes”.  I love my smoothies cold and so I  keep a ton on hand.

It was purely out of laziness and time management that I was buying frozen fruits.  Then one day, I thought to myself, that “this is crazy”.  I am spending a fortune for someone else to do the freezing for me, when my local grocery and farmers markets have such affordable fruits!  I should do it myself!

Benefits of Frozen Fruit

  1. All natural, no preservative
  2. Affordable – buy seasonal fruits (and veggies) on sale or in season
  3. Always have “seasonal” fruits (and veggies) year round.  Not just in season

No Clumps

I learned this the hard way.  At first, I would come home, wash all my fruits, throw them in a storage bag or container and freeze. Doing it that way led to a bag of clumped frozen fruit!  I needed a hammer and chisel to separate it for my smoothies.  So, that didn’t work.

Then I realized what I had to do is:

  • Wash the fruit
  • lay out on a cookie sheet or plate (depending on the size of your freezer, use the size that fits) and lay carefully in freezer.
  • Wait about an hour
  • And THEN – put it a storage bag or container!  Each fruit is now individually frozen and no clumping!
  • Use as ice cubes for your smoothies or ACAI bowls.
  • If freezing grapes – eat straight out of the bag.  Delicious, cool and refreshing.

Buy In Season

I stock up on cranberries during the fall season and freeze all year round.  Also, stock up on bananas!  When their skin starts to turn brown, peel them, slice them and stick in the freezer!  Great for smoothies, but better yet, great for frozen ice cream or cover in chocolate for frozen bananas!  Want mango’s or papayas all year round?  Buy in season, cut up and freeze!!!

It’s very rewarding for me to look in my freezer to see that’s it’s well stocked all prepped and ready to go for a variety of different recipes that use frozen fruits.  I hope that if you start to freeze your fruits, you feel the same way!








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