Crystal Deodorants – Yay or Nay?????


Unless you’re living under a rock (or crystal), we’ve all heard the rumors that antiperspirants and deodorants may cause or may increase the risk of getting breast cancer.  And if you’ve ever gone for a mammogram, you would know that they tell you beforehand DO NOT WEAR DEODORANT that day basically because it can show up on film and produce a false reading.  So they’ll have to call you back to re-do and that’s not fun!

I’ve been using antiperspirants for years!  I like the fresh shower scent kinds!  And the ones that don’t stain your black dress!  I don’t like the roll-ons, I preferred the stick ones best!

But I was getting a little concerned about this breast cancer scare that I was hearing about.

When I went natural, I thought I was going to make everything that touched my body, went into my body, or cleaned my environment from scratch!  And I did!  And it worked.  For a minute!  Well the antiperspirant at least!  I found wonderful sources on line to make such products.  My favorite all time website for that is   Katie is a pioneer, and probably part mad scientist,  in the field of DYI natural organic products.  And she shares them on her remarkable website along with a myriad of other subjects.   I used this recipe to make my homemade, natural deodorant!  And it worked! Until it didn’t.  And it’s not that it didn’t work, I developed a rash under one arm.  Apparently I got a rash from the baking soda!

So then I thought I would just buy some over-the-counter all natural deodorants.  Not naming names, but those did not work at all.  Then a company came along called Primal Pit Paste which makes all natural deodorants using the same ingredients that Wellness Mama uses and therefore I used. I liked their concept.  I haven’t tried it yet.  If anyone has and really loves it – please feel free to leave a comment below!

I had been hearing about Crystal deodorant for a long time and decided to give it a try.  I heard mixed reviews.  Some crystals had aluminum in it – the ingredient that they say causes Alzheimer’s.   Most crystal deodorants are made with Alum – not the same thing as aluminum.  So actually, that’s where all the confusion starts.

I wandered the natural deodorant aisle at my local Whole Foods market totally lost and perplexed.  A woman standing next to me noticed me reading every single crystal deodorant on the shelf.  She turned to me and offered me a suggestion.  It was for Thai Crystal Deodorant.  She says she’s been using crystals for years and has tried each and every one of them and that Thai Crystal was the best.  I believed her and bought it.  Brought it home and tried it.

It takes a little getting used to using a crystal.  You have to wet it first, apply it and wait for it to dry.  But I must say this.  It works.  It’s very hot and humid here in SE Florida and the summer’s can be tortuous!  Plus I do a lot of Zumba – hour long classes in a  hot, humid, stuffy gymnasium!  And even though I sweat – and I sweat all over (I am a ‘Sweater’) I have no odor (that I’m aware of) but my underarms are fine.

Some people who use crystals claim that it’s just an “antiperspirant”, not a deodorant and that they can still have a little underarm odor.  That’s why I also use an all natural, delicious smelling perfume oil spray  (I’m allergic to most over-the-counter, top-of-the-line perfume’s and sprays)  called Auric Blends Love Perfume Oil! I get stopped all the time by people asking me what I am wearing as they closer to get a whiff.  They love it.

Do your own research and make your own decisions.  This is strictly my experience in choosing a deodorant for me. But if it helps you in any way – that makes my day!!!




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