Birthday Paleo Cupcakes

Paleo Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

It was my birthday recently and I wanted to celebrate by making a gluten-free/allergy free cupcake.  Yes — these scrumptious cupcakes are baked – not RAW!!!  But before you send out the RAW police, I have mentioned many times before that I follow the 80/20 rule!   I need to be able to bend, but not break, when it comes to what I choose and decide to eat.  Living with a family and socializing with friends and family . . . I don’t want to be one of those steadfast die-hards who do not venture a smidgen off their chosen lifestyle.  I am NOT one of those people and that’s why the 80/20 rule works best for me.

My all-time FAVORITE gluten-free/allergy-free baker/chef is Elana Amsterdam from Elana’s Pantry!  I can not sing her praises enough!  I discovered her recipes years ago when I gave up processed foods and when I found out that gluten upsets one of my daughters.

I made her Paleo Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting for my celebration!  There’s a link on this recipe for the Chocolate Frosting.  I usually use Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips which are dairy, nut, soy and refined sugar free, but this time, I only had regular chocolate chips, so I must say – they probably had all the above ingredients in them! 

Have a special occasion and worried about how to maintain your healthy lifestyle while celebrating??  Check out some of the recipes on my Blog and other Chef’s Blogs like Elana’s Pantry!  Rule of thumb . . . the recipes are an “occasional” treats!  Try to restrain yourself from eating all 6 at one time (if you can)!  And . . .



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